Face of the Festival: Lucy Bayet

Lucy Bayet is the stunning face of this year’s Adelaide Fashion Festival. Deputy editor Lucy Ahern sat down with Bayet ahead of the festivities to talk modelling, beauty tips and her worst fashion faux pas.


TUS: What do you love most about your job?
Bayet: The people and diversity of stories; hearing about their successes,and of course, failures and resilience.  I also love the new creative adventures and working as part of a team in the hope of creating something ‘new’ and inspiring as well as reinventing the best of the past.

Favourite places to shop?
Op shops in general. One person’s trash is another’s treasure!

Best thrift shop purchase?
I always get lucky with shoes! Cute little Peruvian woven shoes, ’90s-style sandals with chunky wooden heels, anything ‘jumpsuit’, ’80s and floral ’50s – I can’t get enough.

Worst fashion faux pas?
Do you mean on a daily basis? Possibly my love of fluoro, shoulder pads and layering wrongly – the faux pas being when I’ve committed all three crimes at once!

Top beauty tip?
If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin every day, plus less is always more.

Favourite AFF event?
The Boutique show coming up!

Pick for Best Emerging Designer 2013?
I like Thembekile’s experimental approach, combining lace and old-world charm, her artsy background and feminine styling.

Favourite Adelaide designers?
Cristina Tridente of couture+love+madness, Liza Emanuele and, of course, the boys: George and Harry.

What are the greatest challenges facing the Australian fashion industry?
Staying local and staying ethical. It’s hard when people forget to value good quality work and designs. We are obsessed with instant gratification these days, so we overlook the need for timeless, great quality pieces. I think we overlook class and style to stay ‘on trend’ and I hope that quality over unnecessary quantity prevails.

If money was no object, what would you be doing?
Exactly what I’m doing now. Chasing dreams and juggling ideas and trying to get the balance right – aren’t we all!

Image: Phebe Rendulic / theurbansilhouette.com

Published at The Urban Silhouette.


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