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Makeup classes with Ant Adams!

Lucky me recently got to attend an exclusive media preview of makeup application classes from makeup artist to the stars Anthony Adams (and charming beauty columnist for The Urban Silhouette) at this new studio in North Adelaide. Taking a personalised approach, Ant sorts through each attendee’s cosmetics bag and tells them what products suit their skin, and how to use them to maximise your night and day looks.

I gave a run down of the sessions for TUS readers, and you can read it (and see my before and after pics) below.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of Anthony Adams’ new Makeup Application Classes last week, and came away with a swag of tips and techniques that I will definitely be putting to use in my makeup routine.

Our talented Beauty Buzz columnist worked for Chanel, before moving into freelance makeup artistry.  He has a loyal celebrity clientele and has worked at Fashion Weeks around the globe.

His most recent development? Setting up an intimate makeup studio in North Adelaide (complete with glam mirrors that will make you feel like you’re in a Hollywood studio), and he’s here to tell you – and show you -how to use what you’ve already got in your makeup kit – and what needs to go in the bin, pronto!

Ant in his gorgeous studio!



Perfect for birthdays, hen’s parties, or just a treat for you and a few friends, Ant will show you how to apply both a day and a night look tailored to suit you.

Fortunately most of my regular cosmetics passed Ant’s test, but I found out that a certain foundation wasn’t quite right for my skin tone, and I could do with choosing the next shade up in my go-to mattifying powder.

Then off came the makeup (you can see the before and after shots below), and after inspecting everyone’s make up kits and advising what best suited them, Ant talked us through the entire process of applying our cosmetics, using the gorgeous Jess as his model for everything from foundation application to contouring and achieving the perfect eyeliner.

First and foremost, says Ant, is primer. Always. And despite what some beauty mags might tell you, hands are not the enemy when it comes to applying your foundation and concealer. While brushes help to achieve a flawless finish, warming up the product with your fingers means it is more easily applied to the face.

I love the look of contouring but I’ve always been a bit afraid to try that dark brown, but with Ant’s encouragement I took the plunge, and loved the cheekbones that appeared out of my face! And that white eyeliner that I bought on a whim? Now I know I can use it to highlight my brows, the bow of my lips and to make my eyes appear larger and brighter.


Ant is encouraging, answers all your questions (no matter how silly or basic you think they sound), and you’re sure to go home knowing your face and your makeup bag better.

I won’t spill any more of Ant’s secrets (you’ll have to book a session to find out!), but I can tell you this – a class will leave you feeling confident in your new knowledge, and excited to try out new techniques that you know will work for you. Also, it’s an excuse to stock up on some new favourite products and who doesn’t love that?

So whether you want to know how to master the illusive winged eyeliner, how to highlight properly or just want to try a new look, a makeup application class with Anthony Adams can help you look your best.

For more information or to book a session, contact Anthony Adams at, or visit his website or Facebook. You can also send your questions to Ant at and who knows, he might share your question with all of our readers in his next column!


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