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TUS and Midnight Snack Committee collab shoot – ’90s Nostalgia

I was recently involved in a super fun collaboration for The Urban Silhouette and new Adelaide artist collective Midnight Snack Committee, to appear in their first exhibition. Read below, or check it out on The Urban Silhouette.

The first exhibition from new Adelaide artist collective Midnight Snack Committee is launching this week, and to celebrate, TUS joined the team for a nostalgic ’90s photo shoot – complete with bindis, Doc Martens and denim overalls.

Celebrating local talent, all-female collective Midnight Snack Committee is a fusion of five creative minds. The Committee’s first collection, ‘TEEN DREEMZ’, takes its inspiration from ’90s pop culture: think the Spice Girls, Sweet Valley High books and movies like Clueless.

It was in the spirit of the ’90s that TUS collaborated with photographer Phebe Rendulic and Jessie Brakenridge, founder of quirky vintage label The Late Blooming, for this nostalgic shoot. All shot on authentic Polaroid film, this shoot perfectly captures our dreamy memories of the era that brought us slap bands, tartan skirts and denim everything. Iona and I channel typical ’90s teens – hanging out at the local video shop (remember those?), getting up to mischief and enjoying the little things.

The ‘TEEN DREEMZ’ exhibition kicks off this Friday August 2 from 6pm at Salad Days Inc. in Adelaide, running until August 30. Photography, art and craft will be on display, plus vintage clothing from The Late Blooming will be available for purchase.

Teen Dreemz 01

Teen Dreemz 02

Teen Dreemz 03

Teen Dreemz 06

Teen Dreemz 07

Teen Dreemz 08

Teen Dreemz 10

Teen Dreemz 09

Teen Dreemz 11

Teen Dreemz 13

Teen Dreemz 12

Teen Dreemz 14

Photographer: Phebe Rendulic PhotographyCreative director: Phebe Rendulic; Stylist: Jessie Brakenridge; Models: Iona Maclean, TUS’ fashion writer; Lucy Ahern, TUS’ deputy editor; Designers: All vintage clothing and accessories (available from The Late Blooming.)

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