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Food portmanteaus – has the world gone cronut crazy?

Everyone’s heard of the cronut by now – the pastry superfood that has seen US sweet tooths braving the cold and waiting in monster lines to get their mouths around the treat (and it’s daily stock of 200 consistently sells out in less than 2 hours every day).


The croissant-donut hybrid, which originated in NY, has become so popular that other patisseries have started making their own knock-offs, earning them the label ‘cronut scalpers‘. (If you’re If you’re a Sydney dweller, you might be able to get your hands on one of dessert mastermind Adriano Zumbo’s new ‘zonuts’.)


But now it’s got some competition – the crookie. No, your eyes don’t deceive you, it really is a croissant STUFFED WITH OREOS. Get your stretchy pants ready, ladies and gents.

Source: Clafouti Patisserie Instagram

Olivier Jansen-Raynaud of Toronto bakery Clafouti Patisserie et Cafe was apparently inspired by his wife’s taste for French pastry and his kids’ love of Oreos, and baker Kyle Marsh put the idea into sweet, sweet action.

And it’s a dessert mashup from heaven, with the Toronto Star praising the creation:

Oddly delicious, the muted saltiness of the croissant is jacked to addictive levels by the insulin-spiking sweetness of the iconic black-and-white cookie. Not surprisingly, it is much denser and heavier than a typical croissant, but miraculously, the crookie retains the croissant’s moist lightness.

“It’s taken us by storm really,” Marsh told the Star. “It’s taken off. Maybe because it’s an alternative to the regular.”

Plus, they retail at just $2.80, compared to the cronut which will set you back 5 clams.

The past few years have seen chefs and bakers get their creative hats on, with mashups such as the brookie (brownie cookie), Pizza Hut’s hotdog stuffed pizza crust, and Luther burger (substitute regular buns for Krispy Kremes).


Appetising? Source: Westword Blogs

Maybe my distaste for sweet and savoury together (peanut butter and chocolate everything aside) makes me a little biased, but I don’t think beef and glazed donuts should ever appear together.

Many food portmanteaus have become so familiar we now accept them as everyday fare – think mochas, the ubiquitous cake pop or even the meatball sub.

Although the crookie is arguably worth a plane flight to Canada, you can satisfy your curious tastebuds with dessert hybrids popping up closer to home. Maccas has just realised a Darrell Lea Rocklea Road. Or traditional SA fare, there’s the ultimate meat mashup, fritz.

So are we going mashup mental? Why do we feel the need to combine two perfectly good foods together to create one super dish? Maybe it’s the search for the dessert Holy Grail, or maybe it’s a result of tequila-fuelled baking sessions. Regardless, I completely encourage this endeavour.

Abominations aside, there’s a few that get a definite thumbs up (from my stomach, not so much my thighs):





Pizza cones. Source: The Green Head.

So what’s your suggestion for the next food cross breed? Mookie? Smore-o? Or maybe a waffle taco? Oh wait, Taco Bell beat you to it.


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4 thoughts on “Food portmanteaus – has the world gone cronut crazy?

  1. Everyone is looking for a way to catch lightning in a bottle, only the best can do so consistently. Call me old fashion but why do you need to put a hotdog in a pizza crust? Why can’t a brownie have real ingredients, and not all the crap in oreo’s? Why does a pizza need to be so heavy that you just feel like you ate a bowling ball after? And I could go on and on! Nice post!

      • I am sure they are good. We make the kouign amann, one of the pastries that Dominique Ansel makes and trust me you need a lot of skill to do that one well. Mr. Ansel has talent coming out of his ears, and is in a different league than the others.

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