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Liquiglide provides ingenious sauce solution

It’s a frustrating problem, felt by lovers of fritz sandwiches, pies and hot chips the world over – your delectable dish is waiting, but that little bit of sauce you need to complete the meal is stuck fast to the bottom of the bottle.

Well you can stop crying tears into your cornflakes kids, as some US engineers have found the solution to this saucy dilemma.

If a thin layer of a tasteless, transparent and non-toxic substance called Liquiglide if applied to the bottle, that stubborn sauce will slide out effortlessly.

Created by a group of student engineers and their professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012, it can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including glass, plastic and ceramics, ensuring you get every last bit of all your favourite condiments.

The team say Liquiglide can also be used everywhere, from power plants to paint tubes, it’s environmentally friendly, plus there’s word that it may also prevent your beer or soft drink losing its fizz by slowing the release of carbon dioxide bubbles.

Is there nothing it can’t do?

While it might seem like the guys over at MIT have a bit too much time on their hands, the product has become a crowd favourite, recently placing third in the Visitor Vote for the UK Design Museum’s Designs of the Year 2013.

The first consumer product using Liquiglide is expected to hit shelves in June 2014 – make note, condiment fans.

K Rudd just might have to come up with a new catchphrase.

And just for fun, our favourite seemingly pointless but actually excellent inventions.

Indoor clouds.


Source: TIME

Created by a visionary Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde using a fog machine (and maybe a little magic).

Butter stick.


Because knives are hard.

Stand alone toothbrush.

Source: Industrial Design Served

Source: Industrial Design Served

Put it down and this fabulous device steadies itself, preventing you from catching nasties by the head touching your bathroom bench. Your regular one is inferior and should be discarded stat.

Noodle fan.


To prevent mouth burns for over-eager eaters.

Rollable chair.

rolling chair


Folding chairs are so 2012.

LED slippers.

led slipper

Enabling discreet midnight snacking.

Via The Daily Mail.

Published at LUNA Digital.


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