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Teacher wears same outfit in yearbook photo…for 40 years

This US P.E. teacher is a really good sport.

In 1974, Dale Irby, from Richardson, Texas, wore a brown vest and a cream shirt with a fantastic collar for the yearbook photos of the Prestonwood Elementary, the school he was teaching at. In 1975, he realised he’d accidentally worn the same thing again (and if there’s one thing we learned from The Lizzie McGuire Movie, it’s that one should never outfit repeat).

“I was so embarrassed when I got the school pictures back that second year and realized I had worn the very same thing as the first year,” Irby told the Dallas Morning News.

Irby’s wife clearly has a sense of humour though, because she dared him to do it a third year in a row. And the teacher, now 63, never stopped.

“After five pictures,” he said, “it was like: ‘Why stop?’”

Yeah, he got a little bit crinkly round the edges,  and maybe that vest was giving a bit to the belly (it still fits “if I suck it in a little”, he said), but it’s fantastic to see the progression, of both Irby and photographic technology, over the four decades. Plus, it’s a reminder that those sweet 70s polyester shirts should never have gone out of fashion.

Irby announced his retirement this year, but in honour of their favourite fashionable educator, Prestonwood have name their gymnasium after him.

So what is he going to do with that famous outfit? Unfortunately relegated to the back of the closet, it seems.

“I don’t think the Smithsonian would want them,” he said.

Check Irby’s progression in video below:

Via Buzzfeed

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