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Okay, so ‘top 5′ lists are generally reserved for a year’s worth of great albums or best celebrity breakups; but Instagram’s video function has been out about a week now, and that’s a milestone, right? To celebrate the anniversary of one of this year’s most talked about technological events (whether or not you like it better than Vine), we’ve complied a list of our faves so far.

If you’re one of the 130 million users, you can share a video up to 15 seconds long, using any of Instagram’s signature filters that we’ve grown to love (and despise – sorry Kelvin). Everyone from fashion giants to cult comedy users and Hollywood celebrities have embraced the new function, with over 5 million videos recorded in the first 24 hours.

Unfortunately there’s no embed function yet, so we’ve linked to most of the Instavids.

1. Madonna ‘popping’

Not sure if this even needs an explanation. Apparently she’s ‘addicted to the sweat’.



2. Epic Rap Battles being generally fabulous

You had me at monkey.


3. Kate Spade’s rainbow celebration

Clearly the KS team are meticulous planners, so definite points for effort. And even more points for confetti.


4. Lululemon’s ‘Every mat has a story to tell’ montage

The fitness mega brand get creative, exercising their way across the world.


5. Zooey Deschanel shows us her puppies.

She might get on the nerves of some with her twee cuteness, but how can you deny her little pups? (Also check Urban Outfitters’ contribution of dogs doing adorable things.)


Kudos also go to Justin Bieber (never thought I’d have to write that), for being the first celeb to put up a video on his Instagram – shirtless, naturally. Even though it didn’t quite go to plan, he’s still managed almost 1.3 million likes.



You can also score your own 15 minutes of fame, by getting involved with this call out from Jimmy Fallon and tagging your vid with #Fallon15.

See the promo for the launch of video for Instagram below.



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