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Disick channels Patrick Bateman for Yeezus

The Kardashian/West clan has been taking up a lot of news space recently – what with the birth of Kim and Kanye‘s babyKadience Donda, and the leak of West’s new album Yeezus, labelled by critics as everything from “daring and infectious” to “satisfyingly narcissistic”.

But apparently this buzz wasn’t quite enough, with Scott Disick (Kourtney Kardashian’s baby-daddy) teaming up with Yeezy to help promote the album with a controversial new video.

It’s no secret that Disick bears an impressive likeness to American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman (as played by Christian Bale in 2000) – he even threw a AP-themed bash for his birthday.

Source: StarCrush

And although it’s always been unclear exactly what Disick’s day job is, aside from upsetting Kourtney and splashing cash on gaudy suits (okay – apparently he works for some giant nutrition company) he’s decided to lend his hand to acting, and actually give the role a crack.

Disick is definitely no Christian Bale (at once disturbing and enthralling in the original), but despite his woeful acting and awkwardly high-pitched voice, the clip is slick, replicating the scene frame-for-frame.

disick axe

Where the original speaks about the vision of Huey Lewis and The News and their seminal 80s hit Hip To Be Square, here Disick’s Psycho waxes lyrical about Yeezus and its genius creator, with some modern cultural references inserted for good measure.

“The early work was a little too hip hop for me and my taste but when Dark Twisted Fantasy came out in 2010, I think he really came into his own, both musically and lyrically. Kanye’s been compared to Jesus, Hitler, Walt Disney and even Steve Jobs,” Disick says.

“Kanye has decided to release this – Yeezus – his most exiting record by far,” he continues. “It should be obvious by now that new song New Slaves is the undisputed masterpiece on Yeezus, A song so catchy, most people will remember the lyrics. But they should.”

West debuted the short film at the L.A. listening session for the album, and as well as being available for viewing on his website, it has also clocked up thousands of YouTube views so far – and it’s actually pretty great.

An honourable mention also go to KIm’s bestie and PR expert Jonathan Cheban in the role originally filled by Jared Leto.

Compare the pair – worth the buzz?

(Warning: Both videos contain some graphic content and bad words. But mainly beware of the mediocre acting in the first.)





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