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Not so happy Easter: Woolworths treats trigger backlash


The damning ingredient found in Woolworths buns. Source: SBS

Consumers have gotten, er, hot and rather cross after it was discovered Woolworths hot cross buns contain palm oil, taking to Twitter (of course) to voice their anger.




The ingredient has also been found in Coles hot cross buns, with one Twitter user appealing to celebrity chef ambassador Curtis Stone to do something about the issue.

Several Facebook groups have been established boycotting the buns, and many consumers have aired their concerns on the supermarkets’ walls, encouraging others to stop purchasing the products.

Palm oil, an edible plant oil, is condemned by environmental groups worldwide due to its contribution to deforestation, especially in South-East Asia, linked to destruction of orang-utan habitats.

Many consumers were alerted to its effects after this unsettling Greenpeace ad three years ago.

It is currently not mandatory to label palm oil as an ingredient on products in Australia, with a bill calling for labelling transparency introduced by Nick Xenophon still stalled in the Senate.

Woolworths also felt the heat earlier this year when criticised for how early they introduced the buns back into stores – beginning baking just one day after Boxing Day, and rolling out stocks in January… almost 3 months before Easter itself.

And Woolies aren’t the only ones using the unsustainable product in their sweet treats – Lindt andGuylian have recently placed bottom in a ‘green ranking’ by Ethical Consumer magazine and charity Rainforest Foundation UK, due to their use of palm oil in Easter eggs.

Palm Oil Action spokesperson Charlotte Richardson told SBS that consumers are vital in making suppliers and companies change their usage:

“People are becoming more aware of the issues and the more people that stand up against the companies using palm oil, the more demand that will create for them to change.”

via SBS

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