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LUNA post: Sex And The City prequel trailer – The Carrie Diaries

They tried their hands at film (let’s not talk about the disastrous SATC 2) but now the creators of  Sex And The Cityhave returned to the medium they know best.

The trailer for The Carrie Diaries, the prequel series to the seminal US show (which ran for six series), loved by sexually frustrated and shoe-addicted women everywhere, has just been released.

It follows a 16-year-old Carrie Bradshaw (AnnaSophia Robb, filling Sarah Jessica Parker’s Manolos) in 1984, as she begins school the summer after losing her mother.

The trailer shows an almost annoying pert Carrie who hasn’t quite caught up to the teen experimentation of her friends (“It’s no big deal, Carrie, sex isn’t everything,” says one sage bestie), and there’s nary a cosmopolitan in sight.

The teen  is predictably dissatisfied with the humdrum of the suburbs, but thank god, Daddy comes along to offer an internship in Manhattan.

Robb looks to have a fair amount of Carrie-teristics downpat (just-bouncy-enough curls and suitably clumsy), but it’s uncertain whether she can live up to the iconic role, with some critics labelling the show “cheesy” and “unrealistic”.

There’s also a summer romance (Austin Butler) who suddenly arrives at her school (Grease, anyone?) – cue a torn Robb who has to chose between the city and the boy of her dreams.

Candace Bushnell (who penned the books which inspired the original) and executive producer Amy B. Harrispremiered the pilot to SATC lovers at the New York Television Festival last week, with apparently positive results.

The Carrie Diaries  may spawn a whole new league of Manolo-wearing teens, but it will be seen as to whether die-hard original fans will enjoy the new angsty angle.

The series is set to air in the US in January 2013 – no news yet as to when it will grace our screens.

via Huffington Post

Published at LUNA Magazine.


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