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LUNA post: Pitt for Chanel smells like sexy, with notes of stalker

My inaugural LUNA Magazine pop culture post!

Chanel have been tantalising viewers for weeks with their series of teaser trailers for best-selling perfume Chanel No. 5, featuring first ever male front-man Brad Pitt.

Apparently shy, the actor faces away from the camera, his voice posing a series of questions over the black and white stills, asking viewers “Do you feel lucky?”, “What’s the mystery?” and “Are you going somewhere?”

Well the mystery has been revealed with the full 30-second There You Are, directed by Joe Wright, just released on the company’s YouTube channel.

As the first male face for the iconic fragrance, Pitt follows Hollywood elites Nicole Kidman and Audrey Tatou, and was reportedly paid a pretty $7 million for his involvement.

As a long standing sex symbol, and with a reputation for being an all-round gentleman and humanitarian, Pitt was a clear choice.

“Everybody uses Marilyn Monroe, and all the stars are already done…so I think the newest idea Chanel could have was to take a man,” said Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s Creative Director.

“But for that, you have to take the most famous and most sexiest man in the world…and that’s Brad Pitt.”

The actor appears bearded and casual in the clip, delivering a heartfelt, rather thespian, performance of a poem specially written for the advertisement.

“Every journey ends, but we go on,” Pitt muses.

“The world turns and we turn with it.

(Cue wistful look into the distance)

“Plans disappear, dreams take over, but wherever I go, there you are: My luck. My Fate. My Fortune.”

Then he looks straight down the barrel and BAM, you’re gone.

Now there’s quite a few women who would want a turn with that, but does something smell a little bit off?

Is Pitt’s delivery sweet, if a little flowery – or does it smack of ‘amateur poet’ followed by base notes of ‘obsessive’?

Watch the clip below.

via ninemsn


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